Sunday, 28 October 2007

Mind the gap

well...the dark side of the moon is back.......cutting costs on the material side of the business and creating a fantasized world in which no expenses are saved to get endorsements from "stars" and other people made out of illusions and mirrors....

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


one wonders why is Mr. Mugabe singled out....there is no shortage of nepotist dictators which have ripped of their own... some even have establish foundations to preserve their memory in the nightmares of those who starved....

Mr Mugabe will soon visit us

the man who orders prices to go down and arrests those who do not share his lunacy...has led his own to the lowest state of human affairs.... the opposition to the holy trinity of the IMF (privatisation, deregulation and budget costs) does not suffice to explain stupidity and the stealing of it's own people nor his savage treatment to his oppositors.

There are examples of successful departure from colonialism without having local leaders/dictactors amassing obscene amounts of money while their people starve.